What’s New in July?

Can you believe it? We’re on the verge of waving goodbye to June and eagerly awaiting the arrival of a brand-new month. But before we jump headfirst into July, let’s take a moment to reflect on these upcoming events that await us.

Postage Rate Increase – July 9th, 2023

Just a friendly reminder that effective July 9th, 2023 the postage rate increase will take effect. Postal services may periodically review and adjust their pricing structure to account for factors such as inflation, operational costs, and service enhancements. The increase in postage rates aims to ensure that the postal service can continue to provide reliable and efficient mail delivery while maintaining financial sustainability.

We have two weeks until these changes are reflected throughout Postalocity. Mail jobs submitted after July 8th, 2023 will reflect the new price changes.

National Stamp Day – July 1st, 2023

From majestic eagles to adorable kittens, stamps are mini works of art that brighten up our mail. National Stamp Day serves to recognize not only the beauty in each stamp, but the history behind them. Stamps hold significant historical value as artifacts of communication, culture, and events throughout history. Before the existence of stamps, recipients were responsible for paying the postage upon receiving a letter or package. The introduction of stamps revolutionized the postal system by shifting the burden of payment to the sender.

This day in particullar also encourages others to send snail mail! Even if you don’t have a stamp, you can join in on the fun by mailing letters, postcards, and other mail pieces through Postalocity!

National Postage Worker Day – July 1st, 2023

Today, we raise our hats and honor the dedicated individuals who make up the backbone of our postal system—postage workers! These heroes tirelessly handle an astonishing amount of mail each day. In fact, did you know that postal workers deliver around 146 billion pieces of mail annually? That’s a hefty number that showcases their unwavering commitment to ensuring our letters, packages, and important documents reach their intended recipients. Rain, snow, or scorching heat, they brave the elements to provide reliable and efficient service. Their diligent efforts keep our communities connected, businesses thriving, and personal connections strong.

Here at Postalocity, our own employees work hard to ensure your mail is handled with care, sorted, address checked, sealed, and given the appropriate postage so that it’s ready to be handed off to our friends at USPS. We are very proud of the work they do! You can observe this holiday by taking some time to thank a postal worker.

By Micaela Dixon, Postalocity Translator / Published JUNE 24TH, 2023


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