Postalocity understands the importance of protection and security


When it comes to sensitive information like medical details, social security numbers, financial information, and personal data, Postalocity understands the importance of protection and security. If you’re in the healthcare realm, you’ve likely heavily relied on your internal staff to handle the printing and mailing of these types of sensitive documents to maintain HIPAA compliances, but the time, money, and inevitable risk of human error are far too high. Postalocity is the compliance partner you are looking for.

"Postalocity is committed to serving your printing and mailing needs within the guidelines of HIPAA regulations."

Our processes and procedures ensure compliance on all platforms needed for printing and mailing HIPAA related notices, medical billing, and any other sensitive correspondences.

If you’d like to review a raw version of Business Agreement & HIPAA Compliance document that details our responsibilities to you, click HERE. Once you’ve signed up and are ready to start mailing, you can request a completed and signed version for your records.

* Review a raw version of Business Agreement & HIPAA Compliance document.

Postalocity Security Standard

To guarantee healthcare entities and their patients should have complete trust in us, Postalocity has implemented a three-part security standard:

  1. Technical Security
    1. Upon upload, your documents are immediately encrypted and moved into Postalocity behind the security walls of Amazon Web Services. It is unencrypted at the printer and once the document has printed, the system immediately and permanently deletes the file. Proprietary barcodes are printed on the pages and then accumulated by page numbers contained within the barcodes. They are then inserted and sealed in the proper envelope, all by a fully automated process. We do not use windowed envelopes, but instead print the recipient and return address data on the fly. No piece of paper can be missed, double-fed, or otherwise mishandled all due to the barcoding system in place. An unencrypted version of your file is never available to any human unless you seek specific assistance from a member of our highly qualified I.T. associates.
  2. On-Premises Security
    1. Our production facility is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance inside and outside. Guests and unauthorized staff are not allowed in Postalocity’s production area without security clearance and documentation. Our servers are housed in a secure environment accessible to only those with special security clearance. Our production team is trained, educated and required to follow security requirements of multiple compliance regulations and standards.
  3. Process & Procedure Security
    1. Our unique barcoding system makes Postalocity truly fail-safe. It’s processed and mailed millions of pieces without a single error due to this feature. Every piece of barcoded mail enters a batching system that is photographed and scanned during three separate processes before being approved for postage and delivery to the United States Postal Service. You can download a free detailed mailing affidavit, IMB tracing codes included, with each mailing through your Postalocity account as a method of proof of mail.

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When it comes to sensitive information, Postalocity understands the importance of protection and security.