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National Holiday Ice Cream Month
It’s the sweetest month of the year!

July is National Ice Cream Month, where we celebrate the nation’s most popular frozen treat! This observance was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and aims to honor the joy and indulgence that ice cream brings to our lives. National Ice Cream Month is a time to explore the countless flavors, textures, and creative concoctions that make ice cream an iconic symbol of summer. Whether you prefer classic vanilla, adventurous flavors like lavender honey or salted caramel, or vegan alternatives, or time old classics like chocolate and Strawberry, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. As a bonus, did you know mail shares a lot of similarities with Ice Cream? Like our dairy (or dairy-free) deserts, mail also comes in a variety of styles and delivery methods, it’s versatile, creative, and is wildly popular!

Sweet Facts about Ice Cream

1.) In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month, and specifically named the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day, inviting all Americans to celebrate this beloved dessert.

2.) The United States has a pretty high per capita consumption of ice cream! On average, Americans consume more than 20 pounds (4 gallons) of ice cream per year.

3.) Noted in the Guinness World Records, the largest ice cream scoop ever created weighed a staggering 3,010 pounds (1,365 kilograms) and was achieved by Kemps LLC (USA)  in 2014. It took a team of 10 people and several hours to create this colossal scoop and measured 5′ 6″ tall and 6′ 2″ wide!

4.) The world’s most expensive ice cream noted this year (2023) in the Guinness Book of World Records, is “Byakuya”. This desert contains white truffles, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and sake lees. It’s priced at a cost of $6,696 for a 4.4 ounce serving.

What About Mail?

Mail and Ice cream share a lot of differences; one is a food product and the other is a paper product. They also share a lot of similarities! The sole purpose of mail is to provide information from recipient to receiver in a manner that is both fast, compact, and tailored. Mail relies on a variety of packing options, delivery methods, and paper selections. Mail also has a set of rules that help to ensure that consistency and efficiency is maintained. Ice cream is similar as it typically has a set of rules for it’s base to ensure that you get a cream, frozen desert! Additionally, ice cream delivers a sweet taste in cones, bowls, in cakes, on sticks, and more (method variety!).

1.) It roughly takes about 50 licks to finish an Ice Cream cone. Water-based envelopes typically take two licks to seal; that’s 25 sealed envelopes in that same amount of licks! Talk about a tiring success!

2.) Ice cream is often layered with a cone, cup, or stick of choice, the ice cream itself, and toppings. Mail works the same way! There’s the choice of packaging – an envelope, box, flat, etc, and the letter itself. Then there is the “toppings” – return to sender address, recipient address, choice of stamp designs, and envelope designs. Granted, mail also has a few more rules to follow!

By Micaela Dixon, Postalocity Translator / Published JULY 8TH, 2023


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