Postalocity’s COVID-19 Plan

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March 17, 2020

To Our Valued Clients and Partners:

As the global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly spreads, the entire team at Broadstroke, Inc., including Postalocity, wishes you and those close to you safety and good health. Taking care of our employees, our clients, and our partners is of utmost importance.

While our intent at this time is to see no interruption in productivity, there are circumstances that could inhibit this.

Please be advised:

• We are enforcing hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers and discouraging personal contact within our facilities.
• We are enforcing increased routine cleaning of hard surfaces within our facilities and our delivery vehicles.
• We will notify all clients should any of our staff contract a confirmed case of COVID-19.
• We ask all of our partners and clients to alert us if a member of your workforce is confirmed to have contracted the virus so we may suspend deliveries until safely reinstated.
• We are encouraging our daily mail pick up clients to develop “no contact zones” so our drivers and their staff avoid exposure.
• Our staff’s body temperature will be tested to ensure there is no sign of fever before they are permitted to work that day.
• Should a member of our team become ill, they will be made to leave work as soon as possible.
• Any employee that is known to have travelled across state lines via airplane or other form of mass public transit is not permitted to come back to work for 14 days.
• Should our staff see a significant reduction in able workforce, it is possible there will be an increase in production time estimates as well as an adjustment to mail pick up schedules.

Studies show there is little to no risk in receiving packages and documents through the mail*. If you are one of the many businesses practicing the national guidelines by supporting staff to work from home, we urge you to utilize to send your business’s daily mail instead of postponing it due to lack of in-house production. Our automated mail system has been a cloud-based service from its inception years ago, and as a result, we expect no interruption to our mail service or customer experience.

Stay safe and stay healthy.


Allen Woolf, COO


Full PDF Regarding COVID-19

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