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Send Certified Mail

…without leaving your home or office!

Instead of using online services to print your own Certified Mailing Label, which lacks legal accountability, use Postalocity’s Certified Mail Services for your legal and time sensitive communications, product recall notices, shareholder statements, financial documents, tax information, contract cancellation letters, health care records, personal identity records, and important compliance documents.

Certified Mail provides proof of mailing with a receipt to the sender. Using the Certified Mail Tracking Number provided by the USPS, you’ll know when the piece was delivered or if a delivery attempt was made. You can also opt for an email notification with the recipient’s signature upon delivery.

Another bonus is you don’t have to touch anything but your keyboard!

Send Regular Letters & Correspondence Mail

No printing needed! Type directly on the screen or upload a typed document.

Sending a quick letter to a business partner, colleague or friend has never been easier. Either upload a PDF version of your letter or use our letter template to type directly into our system. Tell us where to mail it and your job is done – we print, fold, stuff it in your custom envelope, add the return address and recipient address, apply postage and delivery it to the post office. You can track the letter all the way to delivery using the IMb Tracing™ information provided within the job.

Collection Letters and Notices

Send your mail out faster!
Your letterhead and envelope design is ready, on demand, for all those mailings you need to send one at a time, or as a bulk mailing. We can insert remittance envelopes, add a perforation at the bottom, or change the color anytime!

Simply save your letter(s) as a pdf, instead of printing them, then upload them to Postalocity.  There can be 20,000 pages with 7,000 addresses and our system will add page breaks between addresses for you.  It will also find the addresses and put them on the envelopes.

No more printing, folding, stuffing, addressing, and adding postage in the office. We take care of all the monotonous work so you can get to more important things!

Statements and Invoices

Send your invoices and statements out faster!
Need letterhead, remittance envelopes, a perforation at the bottom, or sending large volumes? Piece of cake!

Simply save your invoices and statements as a pdf, instead of printing them, then upload them to Postalocity.  There can be 20,000 pages with 7,000 addresses and our system will add page breaks between addresses for you.  It will also find the addresses and put them on the envelopes.

Repeat job settings allow you to save your settings so the next time you mail, it can be set-up twice as fast. You save the job settings after you’ve set up the mailing and every time you send statements, just select the saved “Statements” job settings, and all of the specifics will be administered to your mailing.

No more printing, folding, stuffing, addressing, and adding postage in the office. We take care of all the monotonous work so you can get to more important things!

Tax Documents

Use our TAX WIZARD to send all your tax mail!  Upload the tax file you would normally send to the IRS, or Social Security Administration, and Postalocity will automatically create a PDF version to mail to the recipient for you.

We offer mailing solutions for 1099s, 1098s, 5498s, 1042s, 1095s, and W-2s. Other types are available upon request.

So don’t stand around at the printer because you’re waiting for confidential info to print. Let us take care of it all!

Direct Mail Marketing

Send fliers, postcards, appointment cards, trifold mailers, bifold mailers, without overcomplicating the process!

Schedule future marketing campaigns with pieces, recipients, and the date(s) to mail out. You have full control over the mailings and there’s no need to trust a mailing company to send out your marketing piece when you want, to who you want. Postalocity will notify you when the mail piece is being sent.

If you do not already have a list and would like to purchase one, a Representative  from our parent company, Broadstroke, Inc., can assist you through the process. Please fill out the “Request a List” form below to get the process started. Our layouts allow artwork to be designed freely, so your message is cohesive throughout the piece, only blocking out portions of the piece for addresses and postage marks.

Mail house solutions: 

Custom Solutions

We’re a regular mail house too!

We will happily help you create something different for your next mail piece. We also have bulk and direct mail solutions. Fill out a contact form or give us a call to talk through ideas!

Business and Residential Lists that Work

We’re able to build unique lists from EDDM carrier routes or specific demographics. We can provide business lists by size, location, number of employees, industry, sales volume and so much more. Our lists can be used once or multiple times and can include phone numbers and email addresses.

Consumer, often called residential lists can be pulled by age, household income, geographical location, home type, home value and several other options, to target a precise audience. We understand how a bad list affects results and postage cost, so we expertly process all lists for change of address.

We would love to help you get started, so click the “List Information” from our website and check out all the info.

Oversize Mail

Catch some attention with odd size pieces!

Want to send a really eye-catching mail piece? We have you covered. Oversize or odd shaped postcards, envelopes, and self-mailers stand out against the other, boring mail people receive.

Need ideas or design help? Our creative team will be happy to brainstorm ideas and mediums that will increase your conversion rate.


Our team will produce, pack, and ship your products for you! Whether it be items we create for you, like printed material, apparel, giveaways, or something else, we have you covered. Give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll get you going.

Mail Piece Design

Visual stimulation is everything!

Stay top of mind with a design that catches everyone’s attention. When you send a mail piece, the physical touch combined with the visual design of your piece will make your company’s name stay in their memory longer than any digital ad alone. You only have about 33 seconds to convince your recipient that they want to respond to your mailing.

Let our experienced graphic design team take your mail piece to the next level!

OK. You’ve convinced me.

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Goodbye, mailroom.

Postalocity is the easiest way to send real, physical mail. You won’t need in-house printing, folding, sealing or postage meters. Postalocity replaces the mailroom with the keyboard, making traditional mailroom costs for facilities, equipment and software, paper storage and labor obsolete.

With Postalocity, effort is reduced to drag and drop and you get the benefit of an all-in price. You just need to click. We’ve got the rest.

We’re flexible.

Our free-style document design philosophy means you do not have to fit templates. And you have free artistic license to put images and messages on an unlimited gallery of your custom envelopes.

No matter the size of your stack or your business, Postalocity makes sending letters, direct mail, statements, invoices, and so much more easy and affordable. We’ll give you plenty of reasons to try us today!

We’re a mail house.

Postalocity (powered by Broadstroke, Inc.) started as Postal Presort, a first class mail house, before the creation of automated mail using a web based system. If the solutions doesn’t exist (yet) within, we’ll work with you to create a solution through

We’re here to produce more opportunity and growth for our customers through mail, so if you need a newsletter, list, EDDM mailer, address verification, non-profit mailer, design, self-mailer, or something else…let us know! We’ll help you be seen!

We’re here for the businesses that get ignored by the major volume based mail houses.