Real Estate Property Management Companies

Property Managers LOVE Postalocity!


We understand the long list of to-do’s property managers juggle every day.

Whether it’s one property or thousands, if you don’t stay organized and efficient, you’ll be in over your head in no time. While Postalocity can’t solve all of your problems, we can solve a very arduous but oh-so-important one: sending, tracking, proving, and managing all of the communications you must legally have with your tenants.

What You Can Mail

  • Notices of Rent Increase
  • Lease Renewal Notices
  • Lease Termination Letters
  • Eviction Notices
  • Notice of Claim Letters
  • Notice of Sale Letters
  • Abandoned Property Notices
  • 30 Day Notices
  • Infraction Reports
  • 7 Day Notice to Quit Letters
  • Water, Electric, Utilities, or Trash Service Statements
  • And Many More!

Postage Choices & Proof of Mail

Postalocity has First Class Postage, Certified Mail and Priority Mail options. If the law doesn’t require the use of Certified Mailing, save some money with our free downloadable mailing affidavit. It includes a dated and signed letter from the president of Postalocity confirming the date your pieces were uploaded to Postalocity, the job name and identification number, the piece count, and the date they were delivered to the USPS with an optional details page detailing the recipient information and the IMB tracing codes assigned to each piece by the USPS.

Date of Mailing

One of our strongest offerings to the real estate property management field is our transparency and accountability. You will always be able to choose and prove your date of mailing. We offer same day, next day, and future date mail services (the date your pieces are delivered to the USPS) and we’ll never upcharge for expedited services.

This feature also ensures the date on your letter matches the date on your receipt, your mailing affidavit and optionally, you can choose to have the USPS round date stamped on the outgoing envelope. Mismatched dates can wreak havoc on your legal confidence. Take the guess work off your plate and rest assured we let YOU control when your important documents are post marked and delivered to the Post Office.

See Who Else We Serve


Send all your invoices, statements, and communications without messing with the postage machine!


Use Postalocity’s API to introduce USPS real-mail functionality into your software menus.


Debt collection agencies are all-too familiar with the practice and subsequent headache of producing and mailing a myriad of notices and letters.


Payroll Accountants, Tax Accountants, CPA’s and all other kinds of accountants can utilize Postalocity!


Whether it’s one property or thousands, if you don’t stay organized and efficient, you’ll be in over your head in no time.


When it comes to sensitive information, Postalocity understands the importance of protection and security.