USPS Proposed Price Changes, Approved

USPS Proposed Price Changes, Approved










Last month we briefly mentioned the USPS’ proposed price changes which would raise postage rates for the second time this year. Today we’re bringing you an update on that proposal. Postalocity jobs approved after the July 8th, 2023 mail date will reflect the new USPS Price changes.

Approved Increase

The PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission) has approved the proposed price changes brought forth by the United States Postal Service. These changes will be taking effect July 9th, 2023 and 2024 promotions changes will be implemented January 1st. The PRC has noted and responded to several comments regarding the decision and concerns of USPS price increases. These acknowledgements include USPS needing to take into consideration fixed mailing budgets and twice-per-year price changes in regards to volume loss, commenter concerns regarding the amount of USPS price increases, and USPS’ task to investigate and correct filing errors found in current and future rate adjustment proceedings.

New postage Rates

Effective July 9th, 2023, listed as follows:

First-Class Mail (overall) will see a 5.366% change with a total unused price authority of 0.011%.

Breakdown of First-Class Mail Product

Single-Piece Letters/Postcards - 4.757%

Presorted Letters/Postcards - 5.537%

Flats - 6.93%

Outbound Single-Piece FCMI - 3.644%

Inbound Letter Post - 0.041%

Totals to 5.368%

First-Class Mail Product Pricing (Effective July 9th, 2023)

*Broadstroke, Inc route mail will also see price changes.
How Does This Affect Me?

If you have a postage meter of your own, you’ll have to increase the postage amount per piece and will likely need to install an update. You can avoid that hassle and upload your pdf to and let us send all your mail for you. Postalocity’s own prices do coincide with USPS’ postage rates, however, we strive to provide you with the best bulk rates, excellent, easy, and efficient service that’ll help you save money year round!

By The Postalocity Team / Published JUNE 3RD, 2023


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