Important News: Increase in Costs and Services – Effective September 6th, 2021

Important News: Increase in Costs and Services – Effective September 6th, 2021

If you haven’t complained about lumber prices specifically, I bet you’ve listened to someone complain about it. It’s affected a ton of industries in surprising, interesting ways. Why am I talking to you about lumber prices? I’ll answer my question with another question: where does paper come from?….That’s right! TREES! Let’s talk about Postalocity’s upcoming increase in costs and services.

Long story short:

The cost of paper has increased in 2021 and its forced us to make the difficult decision to raise our prices. Are we still kicking our competitor’s butts? Yep. So, don’t panic. We’re still the only online mailing portal that has introductory prices below $1.00 per piece without minimums or commitments.

Long story long:

We’ve experienced a perfect storm this year. There has been an increase in every type of raw material: energy, chemical components, transportation costs. The pandemic has caused huge shifts in operating patterns within the paper industry, affecting supply and demand all over the world. We know our industry is not special in this regard. Pretty much every industry has felt these changes in one way or another. For us specifically, printing and mailing supplies have increased upwards of 20% this year with more increases rumored to be on their way in the fourth quarter. We’ve held our price point to a difficult standard for as long as we could, but it’s time to face reality.

Sometimes the bottom dollar is all we can focus on, especially when times are tough, but I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that with the Postalocity team, you’re getting so much more than a good price. Our support staff truly care about our clients, and we try to show that in any way we can, whether it’s our fast response times to help desk issues or creating customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Bottom line: we love what we do and because of customers like you, we get to keep doing it every day, so going the extra mile is a no-brainer.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and as always, our hearts are full of gratitude for your continued support.

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published AUGUST 31ST, 2021


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