Forced USPS Postage Meter Migration

Forced USPS Postage Meter Migration








Happy Saturday! It’s a great morning to relax, head out for the day, or knock out some spring cleaning before the summer heat swoops in. Today’s blog is about an important change coming up here within the next year. On June 30th, 2024, USPS will be having their largest, forced postage meter migration across the United States. Approximately 70% of IBI devices will be decertified and will need to be IMI compliant by the June 30th cutoff date. These changes serve to help USPS issue refunds automatically through the devices, increase security, and better automate their operations. Devices will also need to be constantly connected to the internet where as previously this was only needed during updates.

IBI – Information Based Indicia • IMI – Intelligent Mail Indicia

Meter Replacement Chart

Below is a chart of postage meter devices and their replace-by dates. For replacement cost referencing, Pitney Bowes’ IMI compliant SendPro® Mailstation for small businesses (100 mail pieces or less) averages $26.99 per month / $323.88 per year to rent. This does not include the postage.

We’re Here To Help!

How does this affect you? If you’re a business who uses postage meter devices to handle your mail, then you know just how costly renting or purchasing a new device can be. As an added headache, there’s the potential supply chain issue to keep in mind due to the large percentage of replacements needed.

Postalocity seeks to remedy this issue for you with no machines, no hidden fees, and less work on your end! We keep our equipment up-to-date and always to USPS standards. We offer bulk pricing to save you money and we pack, stuff, and check addressing for you before sending your mail off to our friends at USPS. With Postalocity, your tasks end at the keyboard, not with another postage meter rental.

By The Postalocity Team / Published MAY 20TH, 2023


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