Powerful Tips for Political Mail

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There are many choices for marketing a candidate, from lawn signs, to TV and radio commercials, printed flyers or pamphlets, and much more. Direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool too! With the right materials and messaging, you can really make an impact. Please enjoy these powerful tips for political mail!

Tip #1: Targeted Address Lists for the Strongest ROI

Unlike the “shotgun” approach of TV, radio, and billboard advertising, you can target your audience to the demographic that will make a difference in your campaign. You can use targets like age, average household income, children/no children, physical location, and many more. By narrowing down your audience into specific target categories, you can fine tune your messaging to speak to that specific audience. If you would like to work with our address list experts at our parent company, Broadstroke, Inc., click HERE and answer a few questions to get us started.

Tip #2: Use Unique, Customizable Formats of Mailers

Keep your campaign fresh by using a variety of mailing types. Uniquely sized postcards, letters, trifold self-mailers, flats, for example, will help you stand out from the other pieces of mail in your audience’s mailbox. Keep your messaging fresh and alternate the type of communication. Surveys are a great way to obtain direct insight to your audience, but also to test the effectiveness of your mailing. If your audience is eco-conscious, try using recycled paper and envelopes and make that a part of your message.

Tip #3: Touch and Feel – People LOVE Getting Mail!

In a world of email marketing and digital advertising, physical mail pieces are making a comeback. Studies find that not only is mail marketing more effective than digital marketing, but most people report they enjoy receiving mail in their mailbox.

With physical mail pieces, you have the option of slapping it on the refrigerator, or you can pass it along to a friend that might find it meaningful.

Tip #4: Track Response Rates

Design your pieces with call-to-actions or QR codes that lead to trackable data for you and your team. Creating thoughtful content can help recruit volunteers, increase attendance at campaigning events, and increase the number of people that show up to the polls.

Measuring your response rates will help you make the best decisions as you go along, fine-tuning were necessary.

Political Mail Takeaways:

  • Physical mail gives you the power to target your investment to the most impactful audiences.
  • You can send your messaging to literally any voter in the United States.
  • Create thoughtful messaging.
  • Take advantage of the vast options in sizes and media types for postcards, self-mailers, letters, and flats.
  • Give your audience something they can hold, reference when needed, and pass along.
  • Mail campaigns are easy to track and fine-tune as your progress through your campaign.

Postalocity can be an excellent resource for postcard mailers, letters, and flats. If you have something more complex in mind, our amazing print team at Broadstroke, Inc. can handle it! Dream it up, and we’ll make it happen. Contact us today if you have questions!

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published JULY 7TH, 2022


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