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You could save up to 70% with Postalocity as your Mailing platform!

Our partnership with leading carriers means that we offer competitive rates for all your mailing and shipping needs, without sacrificing speed or reliability. So why settle for high postage prices and limited options? Actions speak louder than words, and data really drives it home. We’re not the ones to arrive unprepared! Let’s look at a comparison between mailing with Postalocity and USPS Retail.

Mailing With Postalocity

With Postalocity, 100 First-Class, single sided and monochrome mail pieces weighing 1 ounce, will cost you $1.07 per piece, totaling $106.53 per month or $1,278.36 a year. While this price may be a bit more per piece, this is just about where the cost ends. Postalocity saves you time and money by prepping your mail and taking care of all your other post office needs for you!

Mailing With USPS Retail

Meanwhile, with USPS Retail(1), the same First-Class letters will cost you $0.63 per piece, totaling $63.00. You’ll still need to purchase postage and packaging. A set of 50 personalized and pre-stamped envelopes(2) will cost you $46.70 each and for two boxes, $93.40 in total. Additionally, you’ll need to do your own folding, stuffing, and mailing, which could cost you around $1,530.00 a year or $127.50 per month in hourly pay spent(3). In total, you’re looking at $283.90 per month, or $3,406.80 a year! Keep in mind, this doesn’t account for additional costs such as tracking for your mail.

The price difference between Postalocity and USPS Retail is $2,128.44 per year, or $177.36 per month. That’s a whopping 62% in savings when you choose Postalocity!

In addition to our cost savings, Postalocity also offers many features that continue to outmatch our competitors. We provide same-day mailing, automatic to-and-from address capture, free custom color envelopes, no minimum volume, closed-faced envelopes, a minimum deposit volume, international and certified mail, and we’re HIPAA compliant. The cherry on the cake is that you can send your mail in as little as 10 minutes!

Chart that compares pricing of Postalocity vs USPS Retail


So, what are you waiting for? Give our pricing calculator a try or get in touch with us at the links below!


By Micaela Dixon, Postalocity Translator / Published APRIL 4TH, 2023

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(1) – USPS Retail Pricing for a First-Class Letter

(2) – USPS price for a “U.S. Flag Forever Stamp Stamped #10 Mailing Envelope, White, Window, Self-stick, adhesive, box of 50”

(3) – Calculated with the Postalocity Calculator as “Total hours X Hourly wage X 12 months X 1.30 (30% benefits cost) + Monthly mailing costs X 12”

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