Get With the Script – New Fonts to Make Your Mail Standout (Part 1 of 2)

Get With the Script – New Fonts to Make Your Mail Standout (Part 1 of 2)

Oh, there’s nothing quite like checking the mail! You jump for packages you ordered a week ago, dread the pile of bills waiting to be opened, and you’re mildly amused at a stray magazine or random letter. Mail induces a whirlwind of emotions and makes everyone an expert in the sport of skimming through the bulk. So, imagine one day you come across a piece of mail unlike the rest. The writing on the front is uniquely different.

You’re intrigued, and you should be, because that very writing that separates this letter from the rest is the product of a new Postalocity feature we want to share with you today!

Why use our handwritten fonts?

Let’s keep this short and sweet; handwritten fonts are excellent for:

  • Decrease the chances of your mail getting tossed out
  • Standout from the crowd – nearly all envelopes are printed with a Sans-Serif font
  • You can only find this unique feature here in our mailing application.

Still not convinced? Let’s dive in a little deeper!

Credit repair? Don’t despair!

This new feature of ours is especially beneficial to our credit repair companies and to anyone sending out dispute letters that are having issues with getting their mail through the Bureau. Credit Bureaus, such as Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, use automated systems to sort your dispute envelopes and documents. These same systems are also trained to recognize many disqualifying details which results in your letters getting tossed out. A common disqualifier comes down to the type of envelope and type of fonts used.

Credit bureaus prefer to receive their mail directly from the client rather than a business itself and most people don’t use printers when it comes to putting information on their envelopes. The most popular form of addressing is with a good ol’ fashion pen! As a business, you don’t have the time to write out hundreds of addresses onto envelopes and human hands tend to lend to human errors; That is where Postalocity comes in! We can add handwritten fonts for you; fast, easy, and error-free!

Don’t work with credit? That’s okay! Check out how this feature can help your business in part 2!

By Micaela Dixon, Postalocity Translator / Published DECEMBER 22ND, 2022


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