Is Sending Postal Mail Online Better/Easier/Smarter Than DIY? *Spoiler Alert: YES*

Is Sending Postal Mail Online Better/Easier/Smarter Than DIY? *Spoiler Alert: YES*

Postalocity Drag & DropSend Mail Online Better/Easier/Smarter with Postalocity!

As someone who worked in the copier/printer industry for over a decade, I can tell you that I often sang the praises of leasing or purchasing your own printing and mailing equipment instead of outsourcing to a professional print and mail shop. I often told my clients it’s cheaper than outsourcing. Now that I’m in the printing and mailing industry, I see now that my song wasn’t entirely true for everyone. In most cases it is MUCH more expensive to do it yourself than to let experts, like our team here at Postalocity, handle it for you. Send mail online better/easier/smarter with Postalocity!

Let’s review some of the costs you should consider when determining if Postalocity’s online mailing portal is right for you.


Do you have a room specifically for your printing and mailing equipment? How much does that room cost per square foot? What about the costs to heat and cool that space? Where are you storing your paper media? Where are you storing back up toner cartridges, ink cartridges, waste containers, etc.?


How many hours are spent shopping, bidding, and negotiating new equipment contracts? Who handles bidding and scheduling removal of old equipment? Scheduling installation and training on new equipment? Printers, copiers, folding equipment, inserting equipment, postage scales and meters all have service contracts or repair costs, and more often than not, lease payments.

Staff Education:

On top of that, you need trained employees that know how to run all of that equipment. What happens when one of those employees quits? Does follow up training with your vendors cost money?


How much are you paying for paper goods like letterhead, envelopes, labels, and blank media? What do you do with outdated stationary? Have you ever analyzed how much bulk you would have to purchase to get discounted rates? How much are you spending each month on inks and toners for your desktop printers? Have you ever analyzed your cost per page on those things?! (Heads up: it’s pretty gross. We’re talking upwards of $0.50 to $1.00 PER PAGE.)

I could go on for a good long while, but I think you get the picture.

Everything I just listed is entirely covered in Postalocity’s all-in price and your effort is reduced to simply uploading the documents you want to mail, proof, approve, and pay.

The average time spent in processing anything through Postalocity is 22 seconds or less.

The average savings through Postalocity is 40% lower than what you’re paying now.

There are no contracts, fees, minimum volumes and NO pressure. If you’re looking to send mail online the better/easier/smarter, Postalocity is definitely for you!

And one more shameless brag: our customer service is through the roof, top notch. We take what we do very seriously and firmly stand on a platform of transparency and trust with our customers. We look forward to serving you! To get in touch with our awesome team now, click here.

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published JUNE 28TH, 2021


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