2022 USPS Holidays

Hey there, Friend! Check out the updated schedule for 2023!

We closely model our holiday schedule to be the same as our pals at the United States Postal Service. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, for most USPS employees, the preceding Friday will be treated as a holiday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, for most USPS employees, the following Monday will be treated as a holiday. Below are the 2022 postal holidays that the USPS will be closed for.

Friday, December 31: New Year’s Day

Monday, January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (Postalocity is open)

Monday, February 21: Presidents’ Day (Postalocity is open)

Monday, May 30: Memorial Day

Monday, June 20: Juneteenth National Independence Day (Postalocity is open)

Monday, July 4: Independence Day

Monday, September 5: Labor Day

Monday, October 10: Columbus Day (Postalocity is open)

Friday, November 11: Veterans Day 

Thursday, November 24: Thanksgiving Day

Monday, December 26: Christmas Day

We will post notices on the homepage of your account when a holiday is coming up to remind you to plan accordingly if we are to be closed as well. If you have any concerns about upcoming dates, just give us a call at 316-260-2220 or contact us and we’ll work together to find a solution that meets your needs.

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published DECEMBER 3RD, 2021


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