How Postalocity is Handling Supply Shortages

Paper supply issues

We’ve all noticed supply shortages continue to affect us in 2022. Whether it’s your favorite cleaning product or tasty snack, it seems nothing is protected from change. We’ve all learned to be a little more flexible through these past two years. Here’s how Postalocity is handling supply shortages!

For businesses in the printing and mail industry, the biggest thorn in our side lately is paper, and that includes envelopes. In 2021, the cost increases made our heads spin. Now, in 2022, the costs continue to rise, but we’ve entered a new tricky landscape: backorders.

The Postalocity Envelope

One of our unique offerings is our proprietary, closed face envelope. Unfortunately, that is one of the many products that is backordered until the second quarter of 2022. We’ve always maintained a healthy supply for peaks in our regular volumes. In order to maintain until our next shipment, some of your mailings might look a little different than you’re used to.

At first, we were converting a lot of jobs to be put into a windowed envelope. The envelope included a cover sheet containing the recipient and return address information to ensure correct placement in the window. There was no charge for the additional piece of paper or for the price difference of the windowed envelope. We knew this wasn’t going to be THE solution, so we sat back down at the drawing table and like a light bulb, we got it!

The New Guy

While printing and mailing have always been the backbone of our business, you might not know we’re also a full blown print and graphics shop too. We can do anything from business cards and brochures, to embroidery and branded drinkware. (Visit our parent company website here.)

We took a regular #10 envelope and used one of our print production die cutters to punch a small window on the far left side so our barcode shows through. It’s a pretty impressive replica of what you’re used to seeing and we can make them in shop as we need them. It’s not a replacement for the Postalocity envelope you’re accustomed to, but it’s darn close and we’re quite excited about it.

Postalocity’s Typical Envelope

Postalocity's Typical Windowed Envelope

Postalocity’s Temporary Replacement Envelope

Postalocity's Temporary Oval Windowed Envelope

Your pieces also might include an extra sheet of paper inserted into your piece, sized 1/3 of a sheet, to avoid any blank space in the new window. The USPS’s equipment does not handle any piece of mail with a hole completely through it. It “reads” it as two pieces and, well, you can imagine how cranky that makes everyone. You will know if your outgoing pieces are selected for conversion when you begin the approval process. If for some reason you feel strongly that this will affect the strength of your mail pieces, please reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll work through it together. It is our main objective to continue offering the best service to our valued clients through thick and thin. We greatly appreciate your understanding. Our fingers are crossed this will be a very temporary supply issue.

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published JANUARY 12TH, 2022


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