Utility Bill Printing & Mailing Services Using Postalocity.com

Are you prepared for mail that’s faster than a cheetah, more reliable than your morning alarm, and safer than a secret agent’s lair?

Broadstroke is your utility bill print and mail partner, helping you jazz up your mail processes to increase efficiency, just like a squirrel with a jet pack. Our Postalocity automated mail system uses state-of-the-art technology to help you connect with your customers in a timely and cost-effective way. Our focus on security and accuracy ensures error free mailings, as if a wizard concocted this patented technology.

Cities & Municipalities

As a leading provider of critical print and mail communications for cities and municipalities in the United States, Broadstroke handles mailing utility bills, updates about repairs and projects, and community events with ease. From postcards to self-mailers, letters to newsletters, and anything in between, we handle it all. We even take care of your certified mail!

Our patented online system, Postalocity.com, allows you to monitor and control all of your jobs in real time. And for those extra special, one-of-a-kind mail pieces, we’ve got our traditional mail house services standing by, ready to add that personal touch.

How does this process work? You will digitally review your proofs, approve & pay. Behind the scenes our automated mail software verifies addresses (against the USPS NCOA program to ensure accuracy) and presorts all of your mail. Then we’ll print, fold, stuff, and add postage before we deliver it directly to the post office. All this smart mail technology reduces the time it takes for your mail to reach its destination, often by one day.

You’ll receive updates and can track your mail pieces, keeping you in the loop. If you’re in a real hurry, we’ll even send your mail out the same or next day. So say goodbye to that dusty old postage meter and let Broadstroke handle your print and mail needs like the rock stars we are!

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