You Mean We Need to be MORE Patient?!

Order Delays and Price Increases

Interesting infographic that our parent company, Broadstroke, Inc. shared today in reference to their potential order delays with printed materials, promotional items like branded pens, mugs, hats and more as well as price increases. Covid’s ripple effect has quite an impressive reach! If you have questions about order delays and price increases at the USPS or even internally here at Postalocity, just send us a quick message here! We’re doing our best to make sure the delays never affect our users.

Order delays & Price Increases

Worker Shortage:

Having fewer workers contributes to goods taking longer to load, longer to unload, and longer to reach their destinations.

Supply Chain Woes:

Manufacturers around the world are struggling to produce product volumes and are in the same boat we are.

Equipment Shortage:

There is currently a shortage of commercial truck drivers and available shipping containers to move goods.

Delayed Sailings:

Ships are being delayed at ports waiting to be unloaded and therefore are not returning on time.

What can we do? Plan four to five weeks ahead and remember that some vendors are ninety days or more behind on orders. Be flexible and ready to pivot. It could be well into 2022 before we see any normalcy in stock availability and production times. Postalocity hasn’t had stock issues since we purchase large quantities of common stock but one thing we’ve learned, ANYTHING can happen in the blink of an eye. We thank you for rolling with the punches right along with us!

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2021


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