Mail Room Solutions

Did you know we offer more mail solutions than what you can find on Postalocity is powered by Broadstroke, Inc., with a wide array of print and mail solutions.

7 Reasons Why Broadstroke is the Best Print & Mail Solution for your Company: 

  1. Automation makes mail incredibly fast compared to the old machines and manual labor of yesterday. We can pump out more than 12,000 pieces an hour with 100% accuracy because of our automated barcoding, high speed printers, educated staff, and updated robotics. Embracing technology for the future is what we’ve believed in for over 40 years.
  2. Integration with our mail software is easy. The Broadstroke team will work with you to customize a solution that works with your software or platform. Some of our customers use our open API to create a button on their software, convenient for employees and users.
  3. Work from home and still send your business mail. Why go into the office just to print and mail items when you can (literally) upload a PDF of your letter (bill, correspondence, etc.) to You don’t have to deal with envelopes, stamps, or the post office. Our team and automated solutions will print, fold, stuff, address, add postage, and deliver it to the post office. You can even track (or trace as the USPS likes to say) your mail!
  4. Postage meters are a thing of the past. Through our systems we’re able to help you retire those old Quadient,, Pitney Bowes, and other postage machines, providing lower cost mail solutions. We believe that our great customer service, added value, and time savings will retain our happy customers. This is why we do not require contracts and there is no penalty for cancelling.
  5. Flexible options for our customers is key. Some clients want to upload their mail to, but others would like to email and talk on the phone with our team to work out the details. We’re able to assist you either way!
  6. We offer mail pickup within a 60-mile radius of Wichita, Kansas. No matter where it’s going, size, or weight, we will get you the best rates and fastest delivery. You can avoid the high postage rates, stop standing in line at the post office, and you can cancel that expensive postage meter lease. Our mail room handles all USPS Mail classes, priority, first class, standard (marketing mail), non-profit, and EDDM. Parcels, priority mail, UPS, and FedEx packages are also picked up for added convenience!
  7. We are an approved USPS partner! We presort all our mail by zip code before taking it to the special Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) (basically the back door) reserved for companies like ours. Doing this helps our customer’s mail “skip” in line, getting it to recipients faster. Presorting also helps the Post Office process more mail, faster.

All that being said, we are the mail experts with a variety of mail solutions to fit your needs.

We would love to get you started! Call us at 316.247.fifty-three eleven or shoot an email to us at or

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