Mail W-2’s and 1099’s Online

Mail W2's and 1099's Online

How did you mail W-2’s and 1099’s this year? How much time did it take? Did you notice an increase in your ibuprofen use? How much did it cost you per piece? When you took your trash to the curb, were you embarrassed by how loud the tequila bottles click together? What if I told you you could mail W-2’s and 1099’s online with just a few button clicks?

I hope by now you’ve already mailed these since we’re well into March now. But that’s not the point of this article. I’d like to share a few things that we at Postalocity have learned about W-2 and 1099 mailings so that next year, instead of damaging your liver, you can buy yourself a little more time by using Postalocity.

What We Know

Ordering Paper

Ordering paper specific to printing tax documents can be kind of a nightmare. There are multiple designs to choose from. Which one suits your needs the best? How do you know if the one you choose is compatible with your printer? You can’t purchase specific numbers of sheets. If you only need 30, guess what? The leftovers can line your hamster’s cage because the back side will have information relating to that specific tax year as well as the date. With Postalocity, you can print and mail on demand and not worry about over ordering or under ordering your supplies.

Ordering Envelopes

Envelopes can be equally painful. You can use a regular number ten windowed envelope, sure. But the window doesn’t perfectly match the layout of W-2’s which means part of the recipient address could be cut off, making the piece undeliverable. The other risk is personal and private information could also peek through the window and for obvious reasons, you should avoid that. Postalocity uses windowed envelopes specifically designed for W-2’s. They are double windowed and sit perfectly on top of the recipient address and return address.

File Types

Postalocity typically only works with PDFs, but for our tax clients, we’ve created a special workflow. The file type you e-file with the IRS is the exact same file you’ll upload to your Postalocity account. If you’ve ever tried to print this file, you know it’s not automatically formatted to how you want to print it. It will print each section as it’s own page. If there is information to include that would usually go on the back side, you could end up printing five pieces of paper per employee. Postalocity will process the file you give us to be formatted to one piece of paper.

Remote Work

Utilizing a remote workforce is a very popular business structure these days. The problem a lot of folks find themselves in is where to put the industrial sized printer. They make terrible coffee tables, I assure you. Postalocity solves this problem. You can mail W-2’s, 1099’s and basically anything else without leaving your desk, from anywhere in the world. No paper, no stamps, no printer, no postage machine necessary.

No Forwarding Address

Personally, I think this next tool is one of the most powerful things Postalocity offers. When you send a W-2 to a person that no longer works for your company, and they’ve moved, the returned piece of mail will be put in their file in hopes that person reaches out. With Postalocity, if that person filled out a change of address form with the Post Office, it will automatically forward the piece of mail to their new address, saving money on wasted postage and time.

Proof of Mail

Technically you don’t have to prove you mailed someone’s W-2. However, being able to prove it comes in handy if you’re ever called into question. If you use the Post Office, they can provide you with a Proof of Mail certificate but those aren’t cheap. With Postalocity, you get a free, downloadable affidavit that includes date of delivery to the Post Office as well as the IMB tracing codes the Post Office assigns to each piece.

If you’d like to see a demo or have any questions about using Postalocity, reach out to us!

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published MARCH 7TH, 2022


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