Experts Tips That Will Help Businesses Optimize Automated Direct Mail4 min read

Experts Tips That Will Help Businesses Optimize Automated Direct Mail

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Experts Tips That Will Help Businesses Optimize Automated Direct Mail
Most businesses have been using Direct Mail marketing for a long time, the same way they have been using the mailbox.

Automated Direct Mail marketing has recently gained popularity among many companies and small businesses, terming it as one effective way of marketing. But are they doing it right? There are various ways you can optimize the direct mail system to be more effective than ever. If you want to try it and get the best out of it, you can follow the below expert tips.

Choose Your Audience Wisely.

The list in which you send your direct mails matters a lot, and that’s where most companies are failing. Before carrying out the initiative, you need to choose your recipients wisely. How do you do this? To get a better audience, you can start with existing customers, especially those dormant, or swap your mailing list with other non-competitive companies. Another way of getting an audience is by purchasing potential client lists from vendors and agents. Ensure the list is up-to-date and accurate before using it.

Track Every Data You Send.

When sending an automated marketing campaign using direct mails, you would want to know if they reached the audience and their impact. You might be sending emails that are not getting into the recipients. You can do this by using mailmark, which enables you to track every mail that you send. Knowing how your mail is performing can easily track the conversions and understand how significant the initiative is. You can also provide a unique sign-in code, measure sign-up at targeted audiences, and conduct a test in a geographical area.


Like other online marketing campaigns, you need to be testing your direct mail list to know its effectiveness. You can be doing this by being creative and sending offers. You can have several tests and pick the most effective one or a combination of a few tests. From the winning creative you can customize it to be more effective. For each test, you can calculate the number of sends depending on the number of responses you would like to get. From the industry rates, every version needs to reach at least a thousand recipients, but if you are good enough to go, tens of thousands will be ideal, depending on your company structure.

Start by Taking Online Strategies Offline.

The best way to test an effective automated direct mail is by starting with what worked best in other online strategies. You can put your best online strategy on hold and try them on the direct mail to see its effectiveness. If clients responded well to a particular project in another online strategy, pull it online, and put it into direct mail. How it performs will give a clear report on how effective your direct mail is. You should note that direct mail may take more time to provide results than other online strategies, such as using social media. To get the best of it, test it online and try to get its results offline. From there, you can gradually test and improve on the strategy.

Personalize the Content.

The main reason why most companies prefer using direct mail is the personalization of content. It makes your direct mails at least relevant to the recipient. Customization can be done in different ways, including sending emails with the recipient’s name, having handwritten notes, and other offers. If you are into the real estate business, you can even include maps on where the properties are, while those in banks and other financial institutions can include loan rates and quotes in their mails. Ensure your mailing list has everything concerning the client, including the name, address, interests, and other personalized information.

Be Patient While Waiting for the Results.

After you have done everything and sent the mails, it’s time to be patient and wait for the results. Direct mail takes longer to get results. It’s advisable to give it some days or months to check on its effectiveness. Sometimes conversions can take even three months. Do not send other emails before getting a response from the first campaign. Resending such mails may annoy the targeted clients or be termed as spam. You can know there are different ways there is a conversion, including using the codes described above, increased sales, more interactions, and other means depending on your product and services.

After getting done with automated direct mails, there is a need to follow it up with other marketing campaigns to improve its effectiveness. Nothing fits all. You can incorporate different marketing methods, including advertising, to announce your offers and the likes, making you get more conversions than when done independently.

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By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published OCTOBER 30TH, 2020


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