Supplementing Real Estate Property Management Software with Postalocity

Supplementing Real Estate Property Management Software with Postalocity

Supplementing Real Estate Property Management Software with Postalocity

From vacancy tracking to contract and insurance management, real estate property management companies have many software solutions to choose from to alleviate an overwhelming list of necessary tasks. Whether you manage a handful of properties locally or multiple of locations nationwide, heavy hitters like Rent Manager and Buildium are here to help streamline your most arduous tasks. Let’s talk about supplementing your real estate property management software with Postalocity!

One very important tasks is communicating with your tenants across all locations and, more importantly, the ability to legally prove you mailed them. While a lot of property management software solutions offer mailing functionality, they fall short by not being able to consistently prove the date the letter was actually delivered to the Post Office. They rarely offer Certified Mail as a postage option. Color options are hard to come by as well. (Psst! Postalocity offers both of those features and MUCH more!)

Types of Notices

This is especially important when mailing Notice of Rent Increases, Lease Renewal Letters, Lease Termination Letters, and Eviction Notice Letters. If the tenant claims you didn’t send them the documentation in time, you must be able to prove you mailed the document and when.

Certified Mail has its time and place, but it can be very pricey. You’ll enjoy Postalocity’s free proof of mailing affidavit you can download with each job. The mailing affidavit is a proven, legal form of proof, if it is ever called into question. You can also download the details page of each job which shows you the job number, the date the pieces were taken to the United States Post Office, and the IMB tracing information assigned to each First Class piece of mail.

Postalocity offers several solutions to this problem all while maintaining the streamlined workflow you desire:
  • Use our free API solution to create custom commands that will send your documents for you with a click of a button.
  • We can create a secure email address for you that you email your documents to, triggering an automatic process to mail those documents.
  • Or you can create an account on Postalocity’s online portal (click SIGN UP FREE at the top of your screen now!), upload the PDF (one or many) and process them yourself in five quick and easy steps.

Each option allows you to mail your documents with whatever settings you desire such as black or color printing, type of postage (Certified Mail or First Class Postage), custom envelope, etc. Postalocity offers your choice of same day mail or future mail dates.

Knowing this, you can properly date your documents so they match the actual mail date. After the pieces arrive at the Post Office, you can download the mailing affidavit for legal proof of mailing.

Call or email me today for a free virtual demonstration of Postalocity!

By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published NOVEMEBER 5TH, 2020


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