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Reliable Mail Service for Cities in Kansas

Are you looking for a reliable and consistent mailing service that can help your city keep its taxpayer funds within the state of Kansas? Look no further than, located in Wichita, KS. By choosing for your mailing needs, your city can benefit from an effective service that contributes to the local economy by keeping your taxpayer funds within the state.

The Postalocity mailing platform came to fruition under our previous namesake, Postal Presort, which recognized the need for offices to overcome the expenses of printing and mailing by offering bulk rates to cities, municipalities, and other businesses that don’t meet large mail house minimums. We offer a comprehensive mailing service at one all-inclusive price, which covers printing, folding, stuffing, inserting, addressing, and postage, allowing City Clerks to become more efficient by avoiding physical mailing tasks so they can focus on other important duties.

Our application is compatible with any software and is user-friendly. City and billing clerks simply need to select “save to pdf” instead of printing. From there they drag and drop the pdf into Postalocity to easily send out their regular mailings, including notices, water bills, utility bills, postcards, consumer confidence reports, newsletters, and other forms of communication without having to print them.

By originating and sending mail from Wichita, KS, Postalocity users can take advantage of a centralized sorting process that can help recipients receive their mail faster. All mail comes into the Wichita USPS central system before being sent back out to recipients, saving at least one day in transit time compared to other mailing methods originating from small and mid-sized cities and municipalities.

Advantages to using Postalocity are:

  1. User Experience: Users have a uniform experience while using the software, regardless of the task they are performing. This makes it easier for consumers to navigate the software and complete tasks efficiently. Consistency also reduces the learning curve for new users, as they can quickly become familiar with the software’s interface.
  2. Efficiency: Clients can streamline processes, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and cost savings, as users can complete tasks more quickly and with fewer errors.
  3. Maintenance: With our software, users do not need to wait for printer or postage machine repairs or incur massive in-office printing and postage costs. Since our application software is consistent, it is easier to identify and fix bugs, update features, and add new functionality without disrupting the user experience.
  4. Help: We pride ourselves on being helpful and providing flexible software solutions. Our support desk is dedicated to making the onboarding process as easy as possible for clerks and other staff members.

Choose for a mailing service that offers a reliable, consistent mailing service that can help your city office run more efficiently and effectively, while keeping taxpayer funds within the state.

Learn more about what you can mail by visiting our page just for cities and municipalities. 


By Brooke Mueller, Postalocity Marketing Manager / Published MAY 5TH, 2023

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