Everything You’ve Been Looking For – All In One Place

Everything You’ve Been Looking For – All In One Place


Compare Postalocity with its Competitors

There are several players in the game of online letter mailing services. It can be challenging to find one that meets all of your requirements whether you’re a credit repair company, property manager, a financial or legal institution, in the banking or medical industry, etc.

Every online direct mail tool has their strengths and weaknesses, but in my very strong opinion, Postalocity pretty much nailed it by leaps and bounds compared to other online mailing services. Let’s go through what we find to be the most important features to our customers, as shown in the chart above. Postalocity truly is everything you’ve been looking for all in one place.

Same Day Mailing

Mailing invoices or statements with same day service is rarely a priority, but to our property managers and friends in the legal field, this option is make-or-break. A few of our competitors might have it as an expensive upgrade, but we like offering it for free. It doesn’t cost us more money to print and mail your important correspondence on the same day, so why should it cost you more?

We do have a few qualifiers to receive same day service: before 1:00pm Central Time and less than 100 pieces of mail. We can make exceptions to this rule with some solid planning, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for same day service if you really need it for jobs over 100 pieces.

No Minimum Volume Requirements

It’s not a case of too-good-to-be-true. You can literally send one letter, no questions asked, no requirement to commit to future mailing. Your price doesn’t change based on your volume, unless of course you mail more than five thousand letters a year, in which case it just gets even cheaper. A lot of our competition requires a certain dollar spend or piece count to use their system. Postalocity doesn’t mind the single pieces at all. Check out our pricing estimator here.

Minimum Deposit Required

This part might be a bit redundant, but it bears repeating: WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR VOLUME IS. (Sorry for yelling.) We’ll never ask for a minimum balance in your account. You can pay as you go every single time you mail something if that’s what is most comfortable for you.

Certified Mail

Let’s be real. The process for mailing something Certified is kind of a pain in the butt. We’ve figured it out though and are here to save you a whole truckload of time. Just like our First Class mailing option, you upload your PDFs and then just tell us you want it mailed Certified with or without a signature required upon delivery. Simple as that. You can track it in your Postalocity account or, if you choose to require a signature upon delivery, the USPS will email you directly as well.

HIPAA Compliance & Security

We take security VERY seriously. We mail a ton of bank statements, financial records, hospital billing and private information for our valued customers. Being HIPAA compliant is just scratching the surface of the steps we’ve taken security-wise.

The moment your document is uploaded, it is immediately encrypted. It is then moved into Postalocity behind the security walls of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has far stronger security than most of us could ever achieve. It is unencrypted at the printer, and after being printed, the system automatically deletes the file. Every piece of paper is printed upside down and barcoded. The papers are accumulated by page numbers contained in the barcodes until a mail piece is complete.

They are then inserted and sealed into your custom envelope. All of this is fully automated. With barcodes on every piece, no piece of paper can be missed, double-fed, or otherwise misappropriated without the system notifying us.

After printed, the system then automatically deletes that print file. An unencrypted file of your document is never available to any human, unless of course it should become necessary for our I.T. or help staff to intervene on any problems. All of this is fully automated and video recorded. There is no human interaction except for moving paper from machine to machine, and operation of the machines.

With every job mailed, you have options in the system to print affidavits of mailing along with reports that could be used in proof-of-mailing needs, including a full list of all recipients by name and address.

International Mail

This one is pretty simple and to be honest, I was pretty shocked to find that not all of our competitors offer international mailing. Why not? It’s easy peasy. Do we do it? Yup.

Closed Faced Envelopes with Automatic To/From Address Capture

This seems to be the hottest topic for our credit repair customers. Dispute letters/challenge letters have a much higher acceptance rate if they arrive to the credit bureaus in a closed faced envelope versus a windowed envelope. Postalocity literally prints your recipient address and return address directly on the envelope. This makes setting up your letters easier as well since we don’t care where the address blocks are located. You simply show the system one time where they are at on the page using our address extraction tool. When using the “other guys”, you have to move the addresses to a very specific part of the page or hand type every single address in. We know your time is way more important than that!

Free Custom Color Envelopes

Not only are our envelopes closed faced, but you can also add custom color imagery. We want to be completely invisible to your clients, so we knew it’d be necessary to allow you to make the envelope look like it came directly from you with full color graphics for your return address as well as graphics to the left of the recipient address. Best part? IT’S FREE. Why WOULDN’T you use it? Click the Postalocity logo at the very top left, scroll down just a bit, and click on the button that Mail Me Something for a free sample piece so you can see how awesome our envelopes are AND how beautiful the color is.

If you have other specific needs, let’s chat. Because we are the sole creators and operators of this solution, we can be flexible and are more than willing to customize a solution for your needs if we’re able to. Our Help Desk and development teams are off-the-charts amazing.

Now that you’ve heard all about it, let us send you a sample!

Send me a sample!

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By Nikki Stockham, Postalocity’s Client Onboarding Expert / Published JULY 19TH, 2021


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