Industry Tool

Found money.

Postalocity is a personal mailing portal for every citizen and business in the world. At a time when many of the traditional profit centers for service businesses have collapsed or disappeared, it can become a highly relevant, value-added service for print and mail shops, associations, advertising agencies, software developers and any other appropriate vendor.

There are many ways to profit from using or leveraging Postalocity. We invite your call.

Postalocity mailers do not need to fit templates. Postalocity allows free and open design. Users do not have to fit windowed envelopes; Postalocity allows personalized, closed-face envelopes and users can develop a gallery of attractive envelope artwork. Direct typing for single letters, raw data and .pdf uploads are all supported. Recipient addresses pulled from the .pdfs or addresses in .csv lists are both supported. Certified mail, postcards, bifold and trifold self-mailers are all supported and more is coming. International mail is supported with an established, 50-country/250+ print partner network for worldwide, geographically distributed print work.