The Postalocity platform automates the process of direct mail with proven savings of up to 70%.

Send statements, invoices, and direct mail on time, every time without losing your standards of quality and appearance. Those important pieces are routed through Postalocity’s high speed, digital commercial printers and inserters with 100% accuracy. Postalocity will ensure your addresses meet the USPS formatting and accuracy standards, drastically reducing returned mail.
Take the anxiety out of mail and let Postalocity be your expert.

What Can I Mail?

  • Bills & Invoices

    Send invoices and statements with ease and speed. Need a perforation option? A remittance envelope for faster return payment? We have you covered!

  • Letters & Certified Mail

    Letters, notices, & certified mail will be more effective using our address verification process, ensuring the correct recipient receives important communications every time.

  • Tax Documents

    Send tax documents painlessly!  Whether it’s a 1042 (Foreign Withholding), 1095 (Healthcare), 1098 (College), 1099 (Income), 5498 (IRA), or W-2 (Employers’ Wage & Taxes), we can mail it!

  • Direct Mail Marketing

    Market in a snap!  Send fliers, postcards, appointment reminders, tri-fold and bi-fold mailers, on your terms and deadlines. Need a list? We can help with that too!

How Do I Mail?

Send invoices, batch mail, direct mail, even a single letter

via USPS without lifting more than your index finger.
Upload a pdf

Upload your PDFs, with or without addresses on them.

Tell us who to send it to

Upload a list of where you want it to go, unless it’s already on the pdf.

We'll print, fold, stuff, and stamp your mail.

You’ll preview your mail then we print, fold, stuff, address, and add postage.

We'll get it our friends at USPS.

Your mail will be delivered directly to our friends the USPS.

What are the benefits?

Free repeat settings

No ink

Works anywhere

There’s nothing better than “getting things done” without much effort! What if we tell you that isn’t the only benefit of

With you can completely eliminate your postage meter and mail room, cutting those costs from your budget. Now you can send REAL USPS mail from anywhere. Send out your invoices, statements, certified letters, policy updates, reminder postcards, direct mail marketing, terms and conditions…all without the need for letterhead, envelopes, or a printer.

We scale with you as you grow, so if you only need to send one or two mail pieces a month, no problem! Better yet, we’ll still have you covered when you need to send thousands of pieces a day.

So take that vacation. Work from home. We will take care of  your mail.