Work From Anywhere!

Yes! We mean anywhere…your couch or even the beach.

Goodbye OFFICE!!!

Postalocity is the best way to send real mail and never leave your home (or vacation)! You won’t need in-house letter-mailing capabilities like printing, folding, sealing or postage meters. Postalocity replaces the office mailroom with the keyboard, making traditional mailroom costs for facilities, equipment and software, paper storage and labor obsolete.

With Postalocity, effort is reduced to drag and drop and you get the benefit of an all-in price. You just need to click. We’ve got the rest.

Mail Simplified to Drag and Drop!

The Postalocity platform automates the process of direct mail with proven savings of up to 70%.

Send statements, invoices, and direct mail on time, every time without losing your standards of quality and appearance. Those important pieces are routed through Postalocity’s high speed, digital commercial printers and inserters with 100% accuracy. Postalocity will ensure your addresses meet the USPS formatting and accuracy standards, drastically reducing returned mail.
Take the anxiety out of mail and let Postalocity be your expert.

What can I mail?

  • Statements & Invoices

    Send invoices and statements with ease and speed. Need a perforation option? A remittance envelope for faster return payment? We have you covered!

  • Letters

    Letters and notices will be more effective using our address verification process, ensuring the correct recipient receives important communications every time.

  • Tax Documents

    Send tax documents painlessly!  Whether it’s a 1042 (Foreign Withholding), 1095 (Healthcare), 1098 (College), 1099 (Income), 5498 (IRA), or W-2 (Employers’ Wage & Taxes), we can mail it!

  • Direct Mail Marketing

    Market in a snap!  Send fliers, postcards, appointment reminders, tri-fold and bi-fold mailers, on your terms and deadlines. Need a list? We can help with that too!

What are the benefits?

No minimums
No maximums
No setup fees
No subscriptions
Pay per use
Print on demand
(black or full color)
No lead time
(even new customers are production-ready in minutes)

Ok, this is too good to be true!

Enter promo code “Wash Hands” when you sign up, so you can get a special discount.